Kitchener Dental Studio

Welcome to Our  Dental Laboratory

A local, boutique-style Dental Studio serving Dentists in Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding communities. Our clients appreciate the warmth, professionalism,  and open communication that define our laboratory. We are determined to be an integral part of your dental practice by providing you with excellent service, technical support and, of course, the most beautiful smiles for your patients.
We invite you to experience our impeccable fit and esthetics.

Our Services

Crown & Bridge

All-Ceramic, PFM, Full-Cast, Diagnostic Wax-Ups, Temporary PMMA


IPS e.max is a revolutionary restorative solution for the restoration of decayed and functionally compromised teeth. This glass-ceramic is a monolithic lithium disilicate that offers near-perfect esthetics without the vulnerability to cracks or fractures common to other ceramics.

Dental Implant Crowns & Bridge

Dental implants replace the roots of missing teeth and are not only esthetically pleasing but highly functional as well. In modern day, dental implants are preferred over dental bridges for a number of reasons: Dental bridges require patients to have existing healthy dental structures to support the bridge, dental implants do not.


Custom Shade Selection,Consultations, and Treatment Planning

We can help you plan a great smile!

Shade consultations and treatment planning  are proven tools for success.


Printed & Milled Night Guards

Kitchener Dental Studio uses cutting-edge technology to digitally design the perfect fitting night guards for your patients, every time. Also referred to as bite splints, these applications are indicated for those patients who experience some form of bruxism. You have different choices of printed  or Milled with the hard and/or soft lining for extra comfort.

Custom Tray

Tofabricate a perfect-fitting crown, bridge, denture, or any dental prosthese, the lab must recieve a proper impression with clear marginal lines and fully thorough impression overall. in most cases this can be achieved using regular impression trays, however we fabricate custom trays for those particular cases that need them.

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